No, I strongly disagree with the above statement. I believe that university is much better than colleges around the whole world. It is because universities provide many facilities to the students for studies purpose. The environment of the university is far better than the colleges. It will matter a lot for the students. In universities students learn the subjects in a better way as compare to the colleges; it is just because universities hire Ph.D. doctors and college’s hires master’s professionals for teaching purpose. The doctorate level people have a far better understanding of a particular course. It helps students to learn the lesson in depth which always provides many benefits to the students in their professional life. Actually i am a writer of and according to my opinion in Universities students really enjoys studies they have many platforms available such as from where can I buy a research paper. From such platforms, students really get help in their assignment writing which helps them to pass the subjects with high distinction which is a dream of every student across the globe. Conclusively, it is recommended that yes universities are better places for the students to get high education instead of colleges.

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